Glass beads, s.r.o.

Glass beads, Ltd. is a family owned company with a long tradition, one of the leading Czech manufacturers of glass beads. We supply our products to dozens of countries all over the world. Our assortment is focused on the production of the fire polished beads, pressed, crackled and cut beads.


We are the manufacturer of the unique beads ZOLIDUO®, VEXOLO® and WIBEDUO®. The ZOLIDUO® beads are manufactured in right and left execution – see more The VEXOLO® beads are also uniquely shaped beads, which may be supplemented with our other products in the creative production – see more The WIBEDUO® beads are ideal for creation with ZOLIDUO® beads – see more


We have been actively designing new shapes as well as the coatings of the beads bearing into our account the last market information and thus we have been presenting new arrivals in our bead range.