Color and coating charts

The range of colors we manufacture our beads, is immense (several hundreds).

We offer transparent, opaque, alabaster, silky and special combined colors.

You can follow the colors on our website, however the shades can be slightly different than the actual products. It is due to the nature of the photographs of the pictures and the appearances on the monitor.

For your better orientation we add our five-digit number where the first number indicates the color and the second one indicates type of glass. 


Color Type glass
1xxxx topaz, amber x0xxx transparent
2xxxx amethyst x1xxx opal
3xxxx sapphire x2xxx alabaster
4xxxx black diamond x3xxx opaque
5xxxx green x4xxx silky luster
6xxxx aquamarine, turquoise x5xxx agate
7xxxx pink x6xxx moon shine
8xxxx yellow x7xxx overlaid
9xxxx red x8xxx striped